Someone is fighting for you!

I watched an interesting thing on the National Geographic Channel this morning. A pride of female lions had some cubs. Two rogue male lions tried to come in to take over the pride, which means killing the cubs of the previous Alpha Male (that had been killed by poachers). The females violently and vehemently defended the safety of their cubs against the big males.

But I noticed that the whole time the fight was going on, there was a vulture sitting on the outskirts of the skirmish. It wasn't in the air circling like vultures normally do. It was on the ground waiting in the wings with great expectation, for something to die.

The cubs were vulnerable.. but they had "someone" fighting for them. I just want to tell you this morning that in places where you are weak an vulnerable, the Lord has someone fighting for you. And the vultures that are waiting for your demise will leave disappointed because someone is fighting for you. I declare today that because SOMEONE is fighting for you, you're gonna live and not die! ~Overseer Farris Long

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